Sunday, 6 April 2014

OUTFIT | #205

top: River Island; skirt: H&M; shoes: Converse; watch: Casio

It's been another week of deadlines and spending a lot of time in the library. My last ever as an undergraduate. I have one more final essay to submit in May and then my degree is officially over. No more seminars. That's it. Part of me is terrified, part of me is also kind of oddly looking forward to it? It's been an odd month of thinking about my future and being in my twenties and in a way, I feel ready to move on and start the next phase of my life. Which is good. Because I thought you'd have to drag me away from uni kicking and screaming before I gave it up. 

This is such a bog standard, super comfy outfit. In fact, I almost always wear this top on my comfort clothes days. It's massive and soft and flowy and perfect, basically. I've also been really into my Converse lately, especially my white pair with the weather picking up. I am terrible at dressing myself for warmer weather and shopping for summer clothes is a nightmare because I hate colour, but I'm getting there. Hopefully the white shoes help.

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