Thursday, 3 April 2014

OUTFIT | #204

dress: Zara; shoes: Topshop

It took me an age to figure out what to wear to my spring ball. I considered a lot of options, including buying a brand new dress that I almost certainly can't afford right now, before remembering that I owned this perfectly good black dress. I got it for a ridiculous £5 in the Zara sale years ago and it's saved me on several formal occasions. Not necessarily very 'spring' appropriate but I loathe spring and summer clothes anyway. Floral prints and pastels make me cringe. Can somewhere please tell black clothes all year round?

The shoes are a new purchase. Sort of. I got them in the January sales but I haven't worn them before. You may recall them from a past wishlist post. The day I found them in my local Topshop reduced to £20 was a happy day indeed. I don't own any other stilettos so they're slightly terrifying, even for a well-seasoned wearer of high heels like myself. Please pray that I don't break my neck gallivanting around in these all nights. I may opt for the sensible option and pack some emergency flats, just in case.

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