Tuesday, 8 April 2014

OUTFIT | #206

top: Primark; skirt, boots: Topshop

I unearthed this Primark turtleneck the other day during a clear out. I forgot that I even owned it so that was a nice surprise. It's cropped and comfy and pretty fun. It's kind of a shame I only just found it since I could have got a lot of wear out of it over the winter. But it will keep for another year, I suppose.

It's Easter break and I'm going away a lot, to a conference and to see family. Which means lots of packing and travelling, hence how I found this top while figuring out what to bring with me. Hopefully I can attempt to take some pictures of what I get up to so I can make a few lifestyle posts for you all. They're always a nice change of pace and take the pressure off me to think of interesting new outfits all the time.

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