Thursday, 31 October 2013

OUTFIT | Hallowe'en

playsuit: Primark; tights:; shoes: Topshop; lipstick: Rimmel Kate Moss #04

I don't really enjoy fancy dress. It's not my thing. My typical response to why I don't enjoy it is 'I dress fancy enough anyway'. I'd just rather wear my own clothes, look nice, and not get messy. So when it comes to Hallowe'en, much as I enjoy it as a holiday, I tend to just repeat costumes year after year. Case in point, I took this picture last Hallowe'en (as you can tell from the background, this was taken in my old room) and never got around to posting it on the blog. I'm wearing it again when I go out tonight so I figured I'd just post it now. Is that cheating? Maybe.

If you couldn't tell, this is my beloved Wednesday Addams costume. It's all stuff I already own, which is a plus. I hate buying new stuff just to wear for costumes. Such a waste of money. Admittedly the tights are a throwback leftover from my teenage years, I probably wouldn't wear them day-to-day now. It's my favourite Hallowe'en costume I've ever thought up, and I think it's reasonably good too. People from the party I went to wearing this last year still refer to me as Wednesday occasionally in passing.

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