Thursday, 10 October 2013

OUTFIT | #166

top, boots: Topshop; skirt: American Apparel

This skirt with a pair of boots and tights is just too cute, I love it. I've almost definitely mentioned on here before that I struggled to wear it in the summer, being so short. With tights though, not a problem. It's also one of the only tan/brown items I own and can comfortably wear with black. In fact, it looks great with black. It was pretty much made for this outfit. As someone who is afraid of browns and neutrals, I can work with this.

I wore this on a day where I didn't think I was going to do anything or go anywhere but I ended up going out to dinner with my housemates in the end instead. So that was cool. My weekends at the moment are a mixture of going out to clubs, working behind a bar, or catching up on reading I couldn't find a spare minute for during the week. It was nice to change out of my pajamas, ditch the books, and get out of the house though.


  1. I love this skirt and the boots!

  2. I love that skirt!

    Hey this is probably an awkward way to let you know this, but I follow your pinterest and I think it was hacked. You might wanna look into it, unless I'm mistaken, in which case I'm sorry I bothered you about it! I just saw you pin a weight loss ad to your decor board and thought it was suspicious...